For most people, relationships create some of our best life memories and some of our most painful ones.  Some people experience the dating scene as exciting and fun while others find it to be scary, overwhelming, and hard work.  Dating in today's world is more complex than ever before and people are faced with challenges that leave them feeling confused and frustrated.  People wonder:

How will I find good people to date?
Why do I keep ending up with the wrong person?
Why is love so hard to find?

The desire to connect and share closeness, intimacy, and life with another person is powerful and natural.

Obstacles to successful dating and relationships vary.

  • Fears; of being hurt again, rejection, trusting, being vulnerable
  • Expectations; letting your guard down while getting your hopes up, only to be disappointed in the end
  • Communication skills; respectful and relational listening and speaking tools that are lacking
  • Past trauma and hurts
  • Difficulty being alone; getting into relationships, even bad ones, to ease the discomfort of being alone
  • Low self-confidence and esteem

There is great hope for finding love and closeness with another person and no one is disqualified from this opportunity.  Trust yourself.  Be patient for the process.  Take risks and explore people and relationships in rewarding and gratifying ways.  To love and be loved is one of life's greatest treasures. You can find it too!